“I need another cup of coffee”

Cup of coffeeGrowing up, I always saw my mother sitting by the table taking a sip of her coffee in the morning. She always did that, it was a habit. She couldn’t do without it, she had to have some before she starts her day. I took little sips from her coffee back when I was around five years old. I wanted to feel what she was feeling when her eyes were kind of blur and sad with the coffeemock in her hand every morning.

When I first tasted it, I thought it was sweet and it had a nice aroma. It made me feel a bit dizzy, but it also gave me this sensational feeling of warmth inside. My mom never let me drink a lot of it. She waited until I was 13 and almost went to high school. I had to wake up early to catch the bus and a lot of times I didn’t get much sleep because I had so much homework. She always told me:

“Make sure you drink coffee; you’ll be able to concentrate and work harder, so you can have a degree and finally live the way you want.”

Because my dream was to live my life the way I wanted; successful, independently and still remain down-to-earth. Having a lot of money to take care of my mom when she was old.
I was nowhere near that dream until last year. I gained strength to pull myself up after a fall and surprisingly, I began to drink coffee again. I haven’t drink coffee in ages; not the way I should be. I should be enjoying every sip and it should remind me I should never give up. Like my mom never has.

Sigh.. I need another cup of coffee


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    Sorrow said,

    Very interesting. Reminds me of me and my mom. Brings back so much memories just thinking of the parallels. Take care!

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