A Journey Called Life

I’ve watch TVB series since I-don’t-know-how-long. So far I can remember, I always did. The most memorable series were The Legend Of The Condor Heroes and Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre. I actually wasn’t supposed to do that though, because there were a lot of violence in those series and I was only 4 I guess 😛 But that doesn’t matter, I still loved them. I can remember once staying up till 3 in the morning, just to finish an episode.

But then the Korean dramas-madness took over 🙂 I began to get hooked on them and until a week ago, I haven’t watched any drama from TVB. They became kind of boring and to me, they all were the same. A lot of times, I just turned it on but stopped the recorder after I saw it for about 5 minutes. TVB became a big no no to me.

Until last week; my mom bought a new set of series and one of them was A JOURNAL CALLED LIFE. We watch it in Viet though, so the title was DUONG SINH MENH. Not much spectacular I thought, but my brother-in-law insisted on watching the drama, since he was bored. And so I did. I didn’t expect much of it, but I already started to liking it when the theme song came in. I saw this new fresh couple acting whom I’ve never payed attention to [that’s obvious, for not watching TVB series for years.. 🙂 ] We watched for half an hour and it was dinnertime. I didn’t want to turn it off and that’s when I realise I actually like this series. It was only 20 episodes and a lot of times, I find 20 episodes good enough. More than 20 would get draggy to me, but this time I couldn’t get enough of it and wished it was twice as long haha.

This is the series I’m talking about: starring Steven Ma, Linda Chung and Kent Cheng.

a journal called life

Might as well share my favorite scene with you guys 😉


Credits to Celsius for the screenshot.



Series and movies I look forward to:

x There’s news that there’ll be a new series including Steven Ma, Kent Cheng and Linda Chung (replacing Bernice Liu). It will be in the copgenre and according to Teddyburr’s website they will be filming this month.

x The Gem Of Life. A new movie (or series) including Bowie Lam, Moses Chan, Gigi Lai and Linda Chung. I heard there’ll be a man rape-scene including Linda? Very interesting 🙂



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    metalaznwarrior said,


    Thanks for stopping by my blog! 🙂 Glad to hear you enjoyed this series so much. It is one of the best modern dramas TVB has done in recent years. It’s poignant, it has morals, and it is so inspirational and enlightening. Very good acting from the cast, especially Steven and Linda.

    TVB treats Linda well and gives her [so far only] good roles and series, so you probably can’t go wrong if you pick up any one of Linda’s series.

    Have you watched Heart of Greed? That series is 2007’s biggest series as well as Linda’s breakthrough and current representative work. Her role is very meaty (nearly 50% of screen time) and she does well.

    I’m not sure about that cop series since Linda is busy recording for her CD and promoting Moonlight Resonance as well as launching her music career. But, I guess we’ll see… I would love a Steven & Linda reunion. They are an amazing couple.

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