I’m a pretty normal girl, who listens to a lot of different types of music; rock, pop, alternative, soul, R&B, acoustics, indie, folk, country, punk, house and sometimes also hip-hop.
There is one exception though: I do not listen to instrumentals! – I like to sing along with the song, feel the beat and scream my lungs out. Though I like songs that include acoustic guitars, I don’t only listen to the guitar. There has to be vocals in it. And no – I don’t listen to piano-pieces, because to me, they sound boring; I’d skip a piano concert even if you’d pay me to go, because I simply do not enjoy classical music. Not Bach nor Mozart.

And yet, one pianist has made me do it; I now enjoy every piece that he plays, every key he touches. [I even play one of his pieces now 😛 ] Somehow, I get sucked into every note that he plays. I can feel the thoughts and a lot of times the pain that he tries to deliver you. I’m talking about Yiruma.

And yes, I know I might be a little bit late on this haha. But I never heard of him, until I entered This Lullaby into the searching-box of youtube. I came across a video called “Yiruma – The River Flows In You”. And because of its intriguing title, I clicked on it. Yiruma’s pieces have slowly grown into me and I have to hear one of his pieces once a day now 🙂 . I’d like to share one of my (many) favorite pieces of him:

Yiruma – Passing By


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