Goals In Life

I still haven’t decided. I still haven’t made up my mind. Where do I wanna study and in what study will I fully give myself in those 4 years?

It’s hard to imagine a lot of my friends have already made that decision and they’re off to college soon. It makes me wonder whether they are truly satisfied with the decision. After elementary school, we’d go to middle school. Because my level of education is somewhat higher, I have to stay in middle one year more than they have to. Basicly, they had to know in which direction they want to head 8th grade already. Because when you’re going to the 9th grade, that’s when you have to choose a profile. [The system in Holland is different from other countries] And in 10th grade you have to do your exams and that’s also the year you’d be applying for a college. They never talk a lot about school and how hard it was for them though, but I know it was hard. They rarely had time for me and I rarely saw them. Most of the time they’re at home, doing homework or brainstorming about their studies. Which is what I do now actually. I thought I had it for a moment: my study. I had it, but then somehow things didn’t go their way. Whether I lost interest or suddenly I didn’t match to the requirements.. it didn’t work out. School has worn me out and I thought to be no longer thinking of school, education, study anymore once summer holiday starts. Boy.. I was wrong. It has been a thing that keeps me from my sleep and focus. Like I’m sitting now, behind my computer at exactly 1:43 AM.

I’ve seen a study though, that I’m quite interested in. It’s called International Business and Languages and a lot of colleges offer this study. It’s a broad study, where you learn a lot of things. But most important: I get to go a foreign country and study there for at least 6 months. After that, I’ll be having a six-months placement, also in a foreign country. A total of 12 months, 1 year away from home. I’ll be fine, I believe. It’s just my mom I’m worried about 🙂

I don’t like to plan things out or be all excited about it, because the disappointment when things won’t work out will be less. Like Oprah says I believe :

The less you expect, the more you’ll get.

[I admit, I watch Oprah] And even so, I still can’t help but to wonder what kind of new experience I’ll be having once I step foot into a totally different country, world for that matter. I’m planning to be keeping a handwritten journey [as well as a blog I hope hehe] with polaroid-pictures I’ve taken.


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    thechanster said,

    Best of luck with all the college applications and examinations! As a college first-year, I still remember last year’s stress as I worked to complete essays and paperwork.

    Your blog is very good. I’m glad you commented on my blog–otherwise I probably wouldn’t have the honor of reading your blog!

  2. 2

    You’re making me blush =$ ! I just joined in, so I have lots to learn. Your blog is one I check daily!

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