Growing Up

I’ve never worked before in my entire 16 years of life. Not real work anyway. I began my work on sunday and have worked for 4 hours non-stop. The day after, which is yesterday, I worked for 5 and a half hours with only 5 minutes of a break. I thought it would be easy though, 5 hours? I can work even twice I thought! Well… I was wrong, I really was wrong. My whole family works in that company; my sister, my brother and hell.. even my brother-in-law. They’ve worked there for more than 10 years and it’s hard for me to believe they actually kept going. This work is so hard, but I don’t want to complain; because they haven’t either.

Really, the only thing I’m doing it for is my study. Every penny counts when I’m heading to college and even though my family do support me financially, it’s impossible to be able to only depent on them. Now, I feel like I’ve become more of a young adult than ever. Sure, I’ve been through hard times. Times I never thought I’d get through, but those were emotional break-downs. The one thing I had to do is change myself and begin my life. Which was easy to say, but took me over 2 years to do that. No, now.. it’s a matter of holding on. A matter of knowing what you do it for and there is no way of giving up.

It’s all just so strange. I remember one moment enjoying the weekend while riding my bike through the streets [and maybe even set some things on fire] and now, I have to be sure of what to do, not only in this very minute, but also my futureplans. Schoolwork, financial status, college-reports are now things I have to keep my mind on daily. And yes! I’ll be having my exams this year. Another thing to crack my head for.


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    thechanster said,

    This summer, I decided that it was time for me to get a job. (In the past, the closest thing I got to a “job” was doing paid gigs with my quartet.) I applied to bookstores and electronic stores and grocery stores. And guess what? None of them wanted me. Yes. NONE of them. The irony is, I’ve gotten into the top universities in the States and yet I could not even land a job in a grocery store franchise.

    Anyway, it’s good that you’re saving up for college… I am completely financially dependent on my family, and I feel so guilty because my school’s tuition is sooooo expensive.

    It’s also good that you’re becoming a young adult already. I still feel like a little child. I’m moving into the dormitories on Tuesday, but I don’t think it’s hit me yet that I’ll have to be independent from now on. Scary, scary.

    Best of luck with everything!

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