Someone Special

I recently met a young girl. She’s 13 years-old and had worked for a few days at my workplace. We met when we had to work together. I first thought of her as a cute, young, naïve little girl who didn’t know much about the world. And she didn’t. I felt much older and grown up when I was with her. But there was something between us I cannot describe.

4 days is how long we’ve seen each other. I saw her on a Wednesday and the Monday after that she went to Great-Britain to visit her family. I’ve had trouble trusting people, because I didn’t want to get hurt. But somehow I just let her know the real me. The person I was and the person I’ve become now. She asked me a lot of questions; whether I like black or white more to my biggest secrets. And surprisingly I answered them all. And though I have not asked her much, she told me things she had never told anyone else before.

So how is that? That a total stranger can get to know you even better than maybe your closest friends? Secrets that were never told somehow has slipped out of your mouth and feelings that were never spoken somehow showed.

She’s a very insecure girl, who is mostly affected by her friends. I hope she can gain strength to be able to be strong enough to walk alone in this world and finally be the person she really is and not trying to be.


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