Common, Simple, Beautiful

As you grow up, a lot of things are seen as normal, common things that happen everyday; talking and having fun with your friends, late night conversations with your mother about the future and little arguments with your siblings. It doesn’t occur to you that one day, you don’t even get the chance anymore to meet up with your friends or see your mother everyday. Your siblings might have their own lives too. It feels like you’ve taken things for granted and those times are now left to be memories.
When you’re no longer a kid, a teenager, there are so much more responsibilities. Those times you have spent with your friends; going to the zoo, shopping.. etc. are far behind you. You might not have any contact with any of them anymore, because you all have gone your own way in life.

When you look back at those moments, they’re so simple and common, yet so special and valuable. As an adult, you often forget about them. You forget that happiness doesn’t mean you have to be succesful in business or work. Happiness is in those simple moments you never thought they’d be so common, yet beautiful.

CREDITS TO JENNIFER CHUNG & JOHNNY YANG on Youtube. The song is called ‘Common, simple, beautiful’.


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