Making A Birthday ‘Special’

First of all, happy birthday to all of you who happen to age a year today 🙂

Birthdays really are such a drag for me. Especially when people who you don’t even quite know that well, come up to you and say all cheery: “Oh my God, it’s your birthday!! Happy birthday! See? I still remember!” Now for those who know me, would know that I do not like such scenes as I assume they are fake.
Since last year when I turned sixteen, I’ve made up my mind to just experience my birthday just like the other 364 days in a year. Some might find me harsh or difficult towards my friends, because I do not let them do anything on my birthday. I don’t even ask for a present, which makes it extra hard for them to figure out what I really want. Because when a girl says no, it’s yes right? 

To the outside world it may seem like that. But no, it’s not. When I say no, it’s a no. I don’t need no birthday gifts or parties, because all I want and need is already in my hands. The same for my friend. She was the one who had taught me to be happy with less and down to earth, no matter how many new ‘friends’ you’ve might got or how good you are at something.

Her birthday is next week and well… She is a girl and when she said no, it really meant yes. Our conversation earlier this day about her birthday.

Me: So, what do you want for your birthday?
Her: Nothing.
Me: Really?
Her: Yes, I’ve got everything already.

5 minutes later

Me: Oh! You know what I’m going to give you? Some credit for your prepaid phone! You always need some.
Her: That’s it! Great idea, it’s useful too!

See how gently and gracefully she would reject my offer, but then would accept it anyway 5 minutes later? 🙂

Everybody has their own definition of special, but to us; it’s having our first legal alcoholic drink, window-shopping and cellphone credits as a birthday gift. 🙂


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