Literally Forgetting Someone

Is it because that certain person isn’t that important to you or because you’ve succeeded to delete him/her from your mind?

I’m just wondering whether you could actually delete someone from your mind if you try hard enough? Delete all the past memories and happenings, to be able to be free and start your future.

Some people do that to make it easier for them to move on. They want to forget about the past; the memories, bad things and persons that came with it. But sometimes they can’t, because maybe a certain someone cannot be erased that easily. A person who actually shouldn’t belong in the past, but should belong to them. Or maybe an old friend…

I don’t like to say this, but I miss her. My old friend. I’ve tried to push her away as far as possible, since she never really seems that happy when she’s with me. We’re like day and night. I’m earth and she’s heaven. I didn’t want her to be too much attached to me and so I acted cruel. Like I saw her as someone I could use and if not, I didn’t need her. And now she really is gone.  I haven’t heard from her in months. She’s in college now, living her own life. Probably struggling with laws and stuff. I hope she’s ok. And I hope she can forget me, like the way she should.


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