Hard To Love Or Giving Up?

What do you think is harder?
Giving up on a one-sided love or stay in love with that person, even though you know it can’t happen? – Coffee Prince


I think everyone has been through love before, when you’re an adult. One-sided love or just a relationship that would not work out.
They say loving is hard and painful. Giving up on the one love is painful, but not being able to let them go might even hurt more. So, what is harder? What causes the most pain and sorrow to people when they’ve finally gave their heart away?



– I don’t know.



No matter how much heartache it may give me, I’d like to taste some of it. – Love, I mean.
To truly put myself out there and give all that I have, all that I am.
Though love doesn’t have to be painful, it often is. My mom said to me: “Only because you’ve been through such pain, that you will be able to truly treasure the things you have and the people you got.”
I don’t know how many times I’ve heard that sentence.
Maybe too many times, that in the past I had let it slip my mind.

It’s time. I want to give my heart away. Give my all.



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