My Friend

If it wasn’t for her, I would’ve never want to be more than the person I was before.

F-uck, it’s true.

But she’s more than that.

My friend is more than just a rock I can lean on, more than memories of joy I want to hold onto, more than my diary that talks back… She’s more to me than what she’d ever think she would be.

Stable and grounded, graceful and clever. That’s what she is and what she had taught me to be, without even having the intention to do so. I just slowly took over her ways of living, her steady mind of thinking and her childish way of enjoying life. She’s simple and unique.

I envy her, yet I deeply respect her. I envy her, because of her always so joyful look at the world. Because of her determination and strength to somehow always find her way out of problems and struggles. Because she always knows how to smile even when the sky couldn’t even hold its tears.

But then again. I respect her, for all that.

My friend, I can’t even tell you how much she has changed my life. How much of an impact she had made on me and how much I have started to care about her, while I told myself I wouldn’t. I can’t deny the fact that she is the one who has made me the person I am today, even though I strongly wish it wasn’t true.

Why? Because tomorrow there may be no her.


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