That One Sentence

A year or two ago, I was a pretty messed up girl. My biggest mistake was lying to my friends, causing them not to trust me anymore.

However, I’ve changed my life, my ways and myself and I’d like to share with you a conversation that had given me the push to actually wanting to be more than what I was before.

It was during class in 10th grade, where we’d normally have some time to chit chat and relax before class begins.

I was quite happy that day; nothing special happened, but schoolyear had just started and I felt like a new person. She sat right next to me. Like we always did in 10th grade, because besides eachother, we didn’t know anyone else. It was the beginning of a new year and I felt like a new person also. During classes we tend to talk a lot. Telling eachother the latest happenings and what we’ve heard. This time, what she told me was about me:

“It’s really bad, but when you sent me the text-message last night, my mom asked me from whom it was. I told her it was you and you know what she said?

You’re still hanging out with that sick child? She had lied her ass off to you!

So I said: Gosh, I already forgave and forget!




Because she forgave me.





That’s who I am today.


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