My New Baby: The Cowon iAudio D2

The truth is, I’m addicted to music. I can’t go a day without. Either I’ll jam on my guitar (not very well) or you’ll find me singing along to the latest hits on the radio ♥ while fixing my hair and playing a game [multi-tasking girl? Yes!].

Other than other girls who’ll get an iPod to lessen their music desire, the iPod however does not satisfy me in any aspect with the lack of quality in its features. Audio, videos and photos… They’re ok. Just not enough for me. Audio sounds flat and as a music lover I’m looking for an mp3-player that would live up to my expectations from what I have from my iRiver H10 5GB exactly 5 years ago.

I got it for my birthday from my brother. It was my first mp3-player and oh… how I loved that little device… until I it wouldn’t turn on anymore, not even a year after purchase!
I remember even crying about that thing… hmm… moving on…
Not long after that I was desperately looking for a new mp3-player. [I’m a music-addict, remember?] I didn’t look much for features and quality, but just got the first player I set my eyes on. Which was the… [drums please…] …
The Creative Zen Microphoto 8GB.
It was a great player, the music quality was not bad and a lot of space for my music files. However, it died as well when I accidently dropped it on my way home.
Then I got the Ricatech RC-2405 2GB…
Seems like the shuffle mode doesn’t have any affect on the player. It plays the first track every single time. And even when I would choose a different song, the first track would follow right up! Along with the tracks after that… *sight*
Now… to prevent myself to make that same stupid mistake again, I did research on the mp3-players that were out there carefully. Reading every single review, reading through countless of forums and finally… I’ve found ‘the best PMP of the year 2007’….
The Cowon iAudio D2 4GB
And yes, this is my new player. I am so glad I have waited a whole year for the D2, since it’s quite pricey in comparison to other players like the Creative Zen X-fi, which I first wanted to get. However, it’s all worth the money. It has a touchscreen interface and I do not recommend it to anyone who’s a total noob at little gadgets like this one, since it’s not user-friendly for those who are used to Creative or iRiver players. I find the design awesome, just like my previous one [the only thing that was good about it], but just a little bigger and refined. The music quality is just there, I think even better than my iRiver H10 was. I haven’t tried video, because I never use it anyway. But I’ve played a CF that was already on the player and I got so excited I bumped my little nephew over… 😛 The only not-so-good thing is that the reception for the radio is horrible. Really.
However, there’s a notepad and you can even play games. 🙂
I just ♥ it!

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