Possible To Forget?

I’ve recently watched a show about young woman who had lost her husband due to war. It had been three years since he died, but she still thinks of him every single day. One thing that really strikes me was that she called her mother one morning and told her: ‘I’m so scared, I think I’m losing him.’

I didn’t understand why she said that… Because in my mind, she had lost him physically, but that doesn’t mean he’s not in her heart. But then she said: ‘I can’t remember his laughter anymore. I don’t remember how his fingertips feel like.’

But then I got it. She lost him, but now she’s losing him.

I wonder whether it’s possible to forget someone, forget their face, their body, their smile and expressions when you haven’t seen that person for many, many years?

I’ve asked my friend and she said yes, it’s possible. You’ll slowly forget a person when times passes and no picture is left to remind you how that person looked like. Maybe their colour hair or a vague image will always be in the back of your mind, but you cannot remember exactly how they really were.

I’m scared, too.

I’ve always told everyone, I’ll be leaving this place once I get the chance to. And that moment won’t be far away; if I pass my exams next year and get off high school, I need to go. I said I’d leave everyone behind and would have no regret whatsoever.

But, in the last few months, I don’t want to forget. I don’t think I’d ever forget. -We all move on and we all follow our own path in this life, but I just wish that moment wouldn’t have to come so soon. -As time is so short with my friends.

5 years? -That’s not enough.

10 years? -That’s not enough.

15 years? -That’s not enough.

I’m not afraid to let them go, but I’m terrified to know one day I might forget them.

So take all cameras out, because this moment should not be forgotten.


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