We Got Married – Alex & Shin Ae

So recently I got hooked up on the varietyshow We Got Married. I started watching it because I kept having videos of We Got Married popping up around Youtube and since it’s quite popular, I thought I’d give it a try.

But now… I don’t have a reason to watch it anymore, since Alex and Shin Ae will be leaving in a couple of episodes [2 if I’m correct]. I became so fond of them after Alex’s line: “Her heart is weak and her body is foolish”. Shin Ae seems such a mysterious girl, almost like she has split personalities. Alex is actually almost too good to be true, who doesn’t want a guy like that?

I just hope they’ll come back soon, because I need my dosis of Alshin every week -.-”

Note: this is just a rant post, showing my unsatisfaction towards the leaving of Alshin. Actually just a random post.. 😛


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