It’s Never Enough

Somehow being constantly reminded of how short life and happiness can be, I’ve made up my mind to do my very best every day for the people around me. Constantly on the line of losing someone, I feel like life is playing tricks on me and I should be smart enough to figure out a way of avoiding them.
I only have 22 days left before my friend is off to a chapter of her life, one that is without me. I did complain of not having enough time with her, that 6 years of knowing her is just not quite good enough. Maybe if I close this chapter as well, we’d become better friends towards other friends, better companions and better persons in our own individual way. Though it may be hard for the both of us, I believe we can be happy, even if we both will live our lifes seperately, away from eachother. We carry the beautiful memories and happiness along with us in the future and look back at the past we once shared together. Because when it’s time… it’s time.

There’s never enough time

my friend said. I guess it’s true. Even though I hope to at least get to 10 years of friendship, I know I’ll be greedy enough to want another 10. Because once you’ve passed those ten years, looking back it had gone way faster than you’d want it to be. Just that… there are so many things you’d like to do together, but never really spoke out for them. And later… you might regret it?

Knowing my friend for 12 years, I’ve never took the initiative to do anything together. The movies, beach, events.. all her suggestions and I thought I’d do something back for her. To show her I really do treasure our friendship and that 12 years maybe isn’t too late?

I don’t know. But even forever isn’t enough, so I’ll enjoy every moment I can.


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