The Truth About Forever

I read Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen. It’s a story about lose and gain, perfection and imperfection. What the truth about forever is, I haven’t quite captured yet. But what fascinates me the most is the way Macy deals with the death of her father. The lost of someone she loves dearly. And also how her mother grieves, as we all grieve in our own way.

Losing someone is always hurtful, whether you see it coming or not. Whether you’ve prepared yourself or not. Lost doesn’t always have to be because of death. There are millions of reasons why a certain person had disappeared, erased from your life and thoughts.
In the case of death, you won’t be able to do that. You can’t forget that person, no matter how hard you try. It’s their sudden leave that shocks you. Their life that abruptly ended, while they have so much more to give and so much more to take makes you think about your own life. How you’d spend it once you know tomorrow it’s all gone. Death makes sure, a person remains in your memories.

I have not once been to a funeral before. Though I did have experienced death in my own family. I, however, were no part of their lives. And they weren’t any of mine.
Though it might cause much pain, hurt and anger.. emotions I don’t even know I have building up, I…

I somehow want to be that someone that person thinks of when they know it’s time to go. When they know there’s no tomorrow left. To just be a part of someone’s life, even if it would end that suddenly. Though I want that, to be a part of someone, I wish I would never ever have to experience death. I think I’ve experienced much already what might’ve hurt even more than that.


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    Amy said,

    Just had to comment on this post even though it was a while back (Recently stumbled upon your blog.) I read this book to, and you basically covered the same emotions i had when i read it. For some reason, reading some of your posts make me not feel so alone in the world (most of your blogs capture what is difficult for me to express into words.)

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