Wise Words From Alsun~ ^^V

“Are you close with Lee Min Woo who had a scandal with Shinae before?”

Alex: “I’m closer with Kim Dong Wan rather than Min Woo. But I don’t care about the past of the woman I’m going to marry. What problem is that going to make? I’m the one who’s holding her hands now, whoever she dated in the past, I can treat her better than they did. Only a fool finds faults in a woman’s past.”

“Only a fool finds faults in a woman’s past.” When did I ever hear someone say that? *sigh*

Even though love is a difficult thing to understand and I have yet to experience it myself, I think that you’re not able to truly love someone unless you’ve let the past behind you. The past, not only of your partner, but also of yourself. Because isn’t loving really about give, take and compromise? Loving the great qualities of a person and accepting their flaws. But also love your own.

Credits: PopSeoul

Aren’t they gorgeous 🙂

Seriously, watching them on WGM and see how much fun pictures can actually be… It makes me linger for someone to share those kinds of moments with and capture them on polaroid… haha.

I seriously consider buying a polaroid-camera. [no joke] ~

*sigh* looking at picture … *sigh*…

Just… get married already >:)

P.S. Pardon me for being all drooly and dreamy on this couple, acting like a girlfan of some boyband. But hey, guess what? I’m still a 17 year-old teenager 🙂 mwuahaha~!


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