Graduation Coming

Anxious as I’m about start a new life somewhere around this year. Just a bit more wait and patient I think I’m able to get out of here. It’s so strange how I look back and realise that once I didn’t even wanted to leave. Not because I like this place, not because it’s fun. I think living a life so sheltered like mine when I was younger can make you either be even more drawn back or break away from that shelter. I guess at this stage I’m breaking away. Life has given me nothing but surprises, some bad and some good. I’ll just take the bad ones as a lesson and the good ones as a beautiful memory; after all they are a part of who I am today.

I will continue to grow and be better at what I do and who I am.

This year is going to be my year.


Class of 2009 graduation!!

That is, if I get to graduate ^.^”

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