What Is Your Dream?

My dream is to achieve the things that my family were never able to do. I dream to be successful and earn enough money to have a comfortable life. I want to travel and see things, experience things that no one else ever has. I want to graduate from high school, being the only one in the family who has made so far. Study, experience the life of a college student and how it is to live a life that is by no means easy.

Because I’ll be in college soon, I’ll be moving 2 ½ hours away. I did that on purpose, not only for myself but also for my mother.
Because my mother’s life never was easy, I want to give her the freedom that she’s allowed to have now. I think she never really had any freedom at all in her whole life. She couldn’t go to school because of war and later had to get married, giving away her dream of being a student, studying to be a nurse. She loves those white long dresses they wear in college in Vietnam and schoolbooks they carry in their arms. It was her dream to be one of them. Secret love-letters and enjoying friends’ company… she really wanted that.
She then got kids and as a mother, your responsibility and obligation to take care of your children never ends. Though till’ this day, I want to show her I can be fine on my own. She can rest and enjoy her free time. There will be someone else to take care of me, when I’m not able to.

She… has never had a comfortable life. So I want to be able to give her that by making as much money as I can. I want her to buy whatever she likes, do whatever she wants to and just enjoy the life that she has now. I’m still lacking in many ways and I’m nowhere near that dream yet, but I don’t want her to feel sorry for herself anymore. How life is so unfair to her and the idea of money is giving her headache. She needs to be feel free for once, live the way she wants with no obligations or worries. I want to give her that. My way of saying “thank you”, I guess?

That’s my dream.


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