Will I… Graduate?

In exactly one week it will be confirmed whether I get to graduate this year. It has been tough those five years, but time went on quicker than I could prepare myself to. In one flash I was there, standing in front of, what seemed to me at that time, a huge building with red doors and blue window frames. Little did I know every step to graduation would be a struggle, while I was convinced I could easily go through the years.

Again, in the blink of an eye I’m this far. Waiting for the results and hoping I can actually fullfill my dreams for the following years as I get up on there on that stage to have my mentor handing me my diploma. Wouldn’t that be great? I have been dreaming of that moment for as long as I can remember. Standing there together with my friends, sharing our excitement and nervousness.

Will this year be the year I move away? The year I will be living in a dorm, having to start from scratch, stepping into a whole new and alien city.. or world for that matter.

Will this year be my year?


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