Lost Child

I thought I could walk this path easily without any problem, only to find myself weaker than ever. I can only cry and show that I have no strength in the late nights, because I cannot be weak in front of others. My body is tired, but so is my soul. Each day I wake up only to strengthen my heart again for the day and tell myself to hold on just for awhile longer.

I’m really tired and it makes it even harder when there’s no one to share those thoughts with. I just endlessly work and keep on running without knowing how to stop. It makes me forget everything for a bit and how I deeply miss having someone close-by to rest my head on.
Instead there’s my pillow to take all my tears and only music that describes my feelings for that moment.

I miss hearing someone’s voice, reassuring me that it’s going to be ok, even if I know it’s not going to be so.


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