Seems almost like someone, in this case Jordin, knows how I feel and had perfectly put it into words. ❤

It’s pouring outside, and my roof is leaking
I just let the raindrops bleed out the ink from my notebook sheets, and
Today’s a Thursday, and then it’s three days late
I marked on the calendar, and circled today’s date
This is the last straw, this isn’t life here
I’m packing my dreams up, and leaving my nightmares

And they say go west ’till you feel the sunset
And there you’ll become a star
So I traded my skinny jeans for dreams and limousines
And I’m gone

I’ll send you a postcard, saying I’m alright (alright)
On the back, that I’m in love with life
I’ll send you a postcard, and sign my name in the stars
My radio’s turned up, a full tank in my car
And I promise we’ll be together
I’ll never say never, I’ll always remember goodbye
‘Cause I gotta go
I’ll send you a postcard

Smashing on the gas, 95 on the highway
Got about a thousand more miles to go, I might make it by Friday
The road’s never ending, I never slow pace, and
The choice is now all mine, for my destination
They ask why I’m rushing, my dreams are waiting
So fasten your seatbelt, ’cause I’m gonna make it

And they say go west ’till you feel the sunset
And there you’ll become a star
So I traded my skinny jeans for dreams and limousines
And I’m gone

To whom it may concern, whoever this gets to
There’s no looking back, I took off my rearview
Got my hopes on the passenger side
There’s only room for two
And I’ll..

I’ll remember you.


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    Hmm, it seems from your past couple of blog entries that you had some troubles growing up? Well you also seemed pretty excited to be entering a new phase in your life. =] In response to your question about financial aid over here, I guess it’s kind of similar. You apply and based on your yearly income you either get aid or not but being A)An only child or B)Having decent (not great) income will probably cut your chances at getting any aid at all significantly. I guess I can’t complain but still I mean the system as is seems a little unfair but I guess that’s just from my perspective. The place where I’m studying at right now is 3 hours from home so I can empathize with the nostalgia you might feel at times when away from home, haha. Although, being here isn’t that bad I mean everything is within walking distance and there’s a lot to do since it’s a pretty big city. I’m not much of a food enthusiast but I do like to eat and have cravings sometimes. I guess for the most part I see food as essential for me to live and I eat when I’m hungry but aside from that I don’t tend to eat for pleasure or anything. I guess I used to be more “into” food but that was around my grade school years and I was a little chubby back then and kids will always be kids making rude comments…so yeah I ended up changing my diet and working out later on as I entered high school. I try to stay away from fatty foods but I usually give in to pizza or hamburgers once or twice a month since they’re kind of a “forbidden fruit” type of deal for me, ahaha. Oh you said you lived in The Netherlands, right? I remember hearing a few things about that place but I guess those facts never really stuck since I haven’t had much of a chance to talk or meet people from there. You’re relatively close to the U.K. aren’t you? Have you done any traveling or touring there (or any places outside of The Netherlands)? I myself haven’t really been off the North American continent. Oh, and yeah I do speak Spanish, it’s the first language I learned growing up although strangely enough I find myself more comfortable speaking English and lack vocabulary in Spanish to express my thoughts entirely some of the time. I was born in Queretaro, Mexico, most people doubt me on this because I look so light and I guess the usual image of a Mexican is someone with dark skin? There’s actually an abundance of light skinned people given the interracial mixing with Spaniards in the past and what not. My mom’s family is more towards Spaniard and my dad’s is more part of the indigenous people. Well that’s a little bit of my history. Oh, I came to the U.S. when I was 4 months old so yeah I guess that’s why English kind of became my “first” language. What else…oh yeah you’re majoring in business and languages eh? Sounds interesting. I’m not too sure on what I want to do but right now I’m on a Pharmacology route but whether I’ll stick to it or do something else is still kind of iffy. Well…I better stop or you’ll probably just end up skimming through this comment due to length, haha.

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    What’s up i am kavin, its my first occasion to commenting anyplace, when i read this post i thought i could also make comment due to this brilliant paragraph.

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