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Exactly one year ago I met this girl at work. She was thirteen years old at the time and needed a new cellphone, which her parents did not want to pay for. As we were stuck that summer doing nothing else but to put stickers on boxes for six weeks straight, we happened to hit it off well despite our age-difference of three years. She’s probably the most spontaneous girl I’ve ever met, not afraid to approach people and get to know them. During that summer, even though it wasn’t long enough for us to truly get to know each other, we bluntly shared our most hidden secrets without hesitation. Maybe because we both had too much secrets.

Today I met her again. Like a year ago, she cheerfully walked up to me giving her big smile. She hasn’t changed one bit; still that rebellious little girl. We only met for a little while before she left. Thinking back on that summer it seems like she got caught up with the need of popularity and friends these days among teenagers even more this year. She has started smoking, not only cigarettes, but also weed. Failing classes, dropping classes… Yet, aside from all that we talked like we saw each other every day.. We never run out of topics.

Our lives differ so much. She’s from a high class family for whom I work for during the summer to save money for college. She’s popular, has many friends and the only reason she worked in the company was because she wanted sunglasses up to a price that her parents did not want to buy for her. – I’m not.

Still, two persons can have random and mindless conversations just because we want someone to listen.


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    Lol, thanks for the reply I read every single word. I’ve been kinda busy as well…not really except that I have this exam on Monday that I’m kinda prepared for but I still need to brush up on some topics. To answer your question, the person that I write about in my blogs does know I have this blog and she does read it. She usually never tells me anything about it though I only know she reads it because she’s told me so from time to time or makes a casual remark on an entry. Oh, I don’t fly to and from home, haha. Although, it might be cheaper but my parents drop me off and it takes 3 hours by car to get here on a plane it’d be like what…45 minutes I think. I’m always mistaken for being some other nationality but usually no one ever asks “Hey are you Mexican?” I guess I don’t fit the stereotype but truth be told I don’t really know what to identify with. I never really felt “American” because growing up I spent most of my childhood in a predominantly white community which kinda made me develop this inferiority complex and I never really felt “Mexican” because there was so little of that culture to be found here when I was younger. When I was growing up most people would have a friends circle composed of people that were the same race/ethnicity as themselves but I always found myself breaking away from that and having a good mix of people that I hung around. I guess being in those groups made me feel like I belonged since I could identify with them and they with me since I tended to make friends with “minorities.” There’s a pretty large Vietnamese community over here is it like that over there where you live as well? I’m curious since from what I’ve seen over here they tend to group together a lot so I guess there’s a strong sense of community between Vietnamese people? I’ve never really experienced that so sometimes I wonder if it’s that important to have and why they tend to stick together so much, I guess having been without kind of makes me skeptical as to it’s benefits. Oh and back on the topic of food/health, it took me well over 2 years to lose the weight I needed to lose which was about 30-40 pounds. I’m 5’7″ (170cm) tall and weigh 139-ish which is pretty good although I do force myself to run regularly and do some muscle toning exercises although after a while you kind of enjoy the workout since it leaves you feeling accomplished. And yes it has helped my self-esteem a lot although I’m still kinda bad with “meeting” people in a more romantic sense but I don’t feel as self conscious walking around anymore. Although, I think romantic prowess is in a completely different category and is a “skill” of its own that needs to be developed, aha. Anyways, I wish I could cook =[ I can only make simple dishes but starting next semester I’ll have a kitchen and I might not be able to use it when the time comes ='[ Oh, if I were to buy you a meal…well I’d say probably sushi or something along the lines. I really like Asian food in general I’d say it’s my favorites type of “foreign” food since it incorporates so many different flavors and spices. Lately though I’ve been having cravings for pizza/hamburgers but I can never get myself to buy it because I feel so guilty =X What are your favorite dishes? Oh and I’m not too sure on Pharmacology I just wanted to put something out there for the mean time so I don’t feel like a complete failure in life who doesn’t know where hes going but I guess time will tell if its for me. Thanks for seeing me in such a flattering light but I’ve had my time to grow up and I’ll be the first to admit that I wasn’t always this way it’s only through my experiences that I’ve tried to see the world more openly and from every perspective as well as my own. Although, that makes me sound quite arrogant, no? I sound as if I’ve learned all that there is but surely I still have quite a ways to go as a person but at least I think I’m on the right path for now. =]

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