There is not much I can tell you about me, other than everything that have made me the person I am today. Nothing more than a simple teenager, using simple words to tell you about her life and thoughts.

There’s no definition for the word happiness in this world. We all each have our own version of it. I’ve found out that happiness to me is not where I am, but with whom I’m with.

It’s like watching sunrise in the early morning; it’s beautiful, because you can share it with someone you love.

As not knowing what life will bring, questions and confusion will take part of this journey. And this blog will be its diary. You will see different sides of me:

The serious and focused young lady with major goals in her life;

the more sophisticated woman who has a somewhat mature view about things for her age;

the slightly childish girl who can only hopelessly smile when something had tickled her heart


just this simple young teenager who’s about to start this journey of adulthood and could not be any more happier if she could only sing along to the radio and let the taste of Ben & Jerry make its way down to her tummy. ❤

All that is me; all that I am.

|*|always love|*|


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    weirdspirit said,

    Hey there!

    I’ve already read some posts. I like reading this kind of diary blogs. You’re (we are) in a confusing stage of this weird life, we haven’t come out yet. I believe soon things will sort out (if not right now). That’s how it is I guess. I’ll be coming here every once in a while. Take care.

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